Unusual Things to Do Malaga

The best unusual things to do in Malaga

Most Unusual Activities in Malaga

Are you looking for unusual activities to do in Malaga? We offer you a number of experiences that will make you enjoy your visit to Malaga; book now your own activities, from tickets to experiences and more with just one click:
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Top Unusual Things to Do in Malaga

These unusual experiences will be the perfect add-on when you visit Malaga during your summer holidays. They are ideal for tourists and visitors in Malaga that would like a more independent approach when visiting the city. These Malaga unique unusual activities are the perfect add-on to your own managed trip, as you can suit them at your own pace, whether you are planning a long weekend, your summer holidays, or a break.

Malaga is an engaging spot worth discovering it guided by professionals who already know what works best at every moment. These unusual experiences in Malaga will add good times regardless of if you are visiting us during a break, a long weekend or your summer holidays in Malaga.

Book striking experiences in Malaga that tailor you better, based on your own preferences. Our unusual activities are ideal for FITs, solo travellers, couples & small groups visiting Malaga who are preparing the travel on their own, whether you want to enjoy a break, a long weekend or a great summer holiday in Malaga.

Get additional data about what you will enjoy in the unusual experiences in Malaga. Please observe that the coming clarifications are given for introduction and context purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links stated above for each of the unusual activities in Malaga, you will see the terms and conditions and what is included in the price for each tour.


Malaga Yacht Cruise & Barbeque

Enjoy a delicious BBQ at the Mediterranean Sea on this catamaran trip along the shoreline of Malaga. Our Malaga Yacht Cruise & Barbeque is an unmissable experience!


Scooter Rental in Malaga

Jump on one of these scooters to tour Malaga and the surrounding districts. Save money, time, and most of all, you will beat any traffic jam while enjoying outstanding weather!


Malaga Rooftop Bar Tour

Be mesmerized by Malaga’s gorgeous monuments lit up on this evening tour, where you will discover a unique side of the city, looking out from rooftop bar terraces.


Alternative Tour of Malaga

Enjoy a different side to the city with this Alternative Tour of Malaga. Discover markets, traditional shops, unique buildings and more!


Tuk Tuk Tour of Malaga

Discover the hidden charm of Malaga in an exciting way with our Tuk Tuk Tour of Malaga.


Buddhist Stupa & Atalaya Tower Day Trip

Explore one of Malaga’s hidden treasures with us. Buddhist Stupa & Atalaya Tower Day Trip will let you some of Malaga’s more tucked away spots.