Most popular team building activities in Malaga

When it comes to designing unrivalled team building experiences in Malaga, no one does it better than us.

The most popular team building activities in Malaga

This is our catalogue of the Top 10 most popular team building activities in Malaga, with all you need from Tapas Masterclass to the GPS Treasure Hunt.

We have carefully chosen the top team building Malaga activities, having explored dozens of choices in Malaga. Our teambuilding experiences are memorable, breathtaking, unique and both staff and managers love them alike!

These activities and experiences have been the most requested over the years, guaranteeing an outstanding experience for everyone involved. They guarantee a genuine Return on Investment whilst allowing everyone to expand tight bonds and create a feel-good vibe that your company will benefit from.

As a team building company in Malaga, we have developed a great array of choices for your teams, whether they are large or small. Get everyone on board, get the most out of your team-building experience and you will see its benefit on the office. Here are our top 10 of the most popular team building activities in Malaga.

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Drone experience

This is a very innovative and creative choice. Flying drones takes confidence, precision and abilities. This popular team building choice in Malaga is great for technological firms, that will allow them to manoeuvre drones and take part in a race, where they will have to show their agility and coordination.

It is an unbeatable choice to develop groups in technology, with doses of innovative thinking, contests and mettle, that is vastly required to fly a drone. A competitive but rewarding experience that will fit amateurs and techies alike.

GPS treasure hunt

outdoor team building with DMC in Malaga - GPS treasure hunt

GPS Treasure Hunt is the most-requested outdoor team building activities in Malaga. Thanks to our iPads and their GPS characteristic, the groups will get to explore Malaga while they go on a treasure hunt around the town centre.

All group members will have to play as a group as they follow leads, solve mysteries and brain-teasers to move from one challenge to another. They will receive pop-up alerts to guide them and assist them through their hunt in Malaga. Who will be the first to finalise it? Despite being one of the classical activities, it is still one of the most popular team building choices Malaga.

Outdoor reforestation

CSR team building with DMC in Malaga - outdoor reforestation

This activity is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility team building activities in Malaga. With our Reforestation CSR activities Malaga, it has never been effortless to help the environment! This is a very hands-on activity, where the whole team will cooperate to find the best suitable locations to plant trees. Additionally, we offer indoor reforestation.

This Corporate Social Responsibility team-building experience Malaga activity has been conceived as a sensational method to help the biosphere. We will carefully select those local areas that could benefit from the reforestation, mainly those who have been affected by fires or floods, for instance. Along with the local authorities, we will pick the best species for each sort of soil, to guarantee its continuity.

Tapas masterclass

food team building with DMC in Malaga - tapas masterclass

Tapas Masterclass is an enjoyable and hands-on food team building option in Malaga, ideal to enjoy Spain through its most well-known dishes! After a small introduction about the history of tapas and regarding the dishes you are about to cook, you will be split into groups.

This activity promotes teamwork, dialogue, creativity and management, and it is an exceptional way to encourage your employees outside the place of work. Who will succeed in the Tapas challenge and become a master of Spanish cuisine? Check our dedicated section of food & drink team building activities in Malaga for more inspiration!

Wine tasting

drink team building with DMC in Malaga - wine tasting

The Wine tasting stands amongst the most popular team building choices Malaga, being an enjoyable and hands-on foodie team building Malaga activity, that can be as informative or as relaxed as you wish. It is an activity recommended for a whole evening but also works exceptionally before dinner. Alternatively, and rather than wine, we can plan a Beer tasting in Malaga.

Consider checking our dedicated food & drinks team building activities in Malaga. If your interest is not about food and drink but evening choices instead, we also offer specifically designed evening team building activities in Malaga.

Fun casino night

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - fun casino nights

Place your bets! This popular teambuilding experience in Malaga is one of the most requested ones for any business or corporate event, mainly for those looking for evening team building activities in Malaga. This Fun Casino Night has all the elements you will normally find in a casino – croupiers, chips, tables and casino money, and also some of the most known games, such as poker, blackjack and roulette.

The Casino Night can be run everywhere, including a special venue, your hotel or after your gala dinner. It is also possible to add a fundraising side to all this fun, then donating the money for a meaningful cause for the firm. If you are looking for CSR experiences, you might want to check our dedicated CSR team building activities in Malaga.

Olympic games

sports team building with DMC in Malaga - the olympic challenge, beach volleyball

Have fun in your very own Olympic Games and compete against your team members in different customised challenges! Suitable for all locations, the Olympic Games can take place on the beach, a garden, or even a parking space! A classic amidst our sports team building experiences in Malaga!

With lots of doable activities to select from, you could be competing in a beach volley game, human table football, archery, petanque and even a sack race! Which country will win more gold medals? Who will take home the wooden spoon? Have fun with this choice, part of our most popular team building Malaga.

Private screenings

most popular team building with DMC in Malaga - private screenings

Treat yourself and the rest of the team to a private screening of any of the latest movies on screen, for an outstanding evening. Who has ever had a whole cinema for themselves? Private screenings are one of the most popular team building activities in Malaga, and they are amazing for those who like to keep things relaxed and simple.

On top of this, you can enrich your evening with a private dining experience. We can tailor your event according to your needs, making sure all delegates will be completely satisfied with their exclusive and fancy corporate event.

Thriller experience

most popular team building with DMC in Malaga - thriller experience

Transform yourself into a zombie dancer while you challenge yourself – and the rest of the group, to pick up the Thriller choreography! This smart and fun choice is one of the most popular team building events in Malaga! You do not need to be a skilled dancer to pick up all the steps and amaze your workmates with your moves!

This experience is an ideal icebreaker, that will have the whole team dancing within minutes! It can be developed in any venue you could think of. Also, the team can work together as one or different groups can be arranged, for a dance contest.

Zorb football

sports team building with DMC in Malaga - zorb football

Zorb Football, or Bubble Football, is one of the more hilarious and funniest sports team building experiences in Malaga! Equipped with an inflatable globe around your upper body, you will have to try your best and play football as normal but, look out! Even a small bump will make you bounce off!

This striking team building activity in Malaga guarantees team bonding, laughter and is a great stress-relieving experience that everyone will like. It is the ideal experience to relax and enjoy after a busy business afternoon.

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