Best Things to Do in Malaga

Top experiences to enjoy in Malaga

Most Popular Activities in Malaga

Are you seeking the best things to do in Malaga? We suggest you a number of activities that will make you enjoy your visit to Malaga; book here your own adventure, from experiences to tickets and more with just one click:
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Top Things to Do in Malaga

These popular experiences will be the perfect add-on when you visit Malaga during your summer holidays. They are ideal for tourists and visitors in Malaga that would like a more independent approach when discovering the city. These Malaga exceptional most popular activities are the perfect add-on to your own organised trip, as you can adapt them at your own pace, whether you are planning your summer holidays, a break or a long weekend.

Malaga is a pleasant spot worth discovering it guided by specialists who already know what works best at every moment. These best things to do in Malaga will add fun regardless of if you are visiting us during a break, a long weekend or your summer holidays in Malaga.

Book striking experiences in Malaga that fit you better, based on your own choices. Our best activities are ideal for FITs, solo travellers, couples & small groups visiting Malaga who are arranging the travel on their own, whether you want to enjoy a great summer holiday, a break or a long weekend in Malaga.

Get additional data about what you will discover in the best things to do in Malaga. Kindly note that the coming clarifications are included for introduction and background purposes and are not binding. Once you click on the links stated above for each of the best activities in Malaga, you will see the terms and conditions and what is included in the price for each tour.


Caminito del Rey Day Trip

A short journey from Malaga takes you to the Caminito del Rey, a must-do when visiting the area, which is not recommended for those suffering from vertigo.


Free Walking Tour of Malaga

Explore Malaga’s historic centre with a classic amongst the classics, the Free Walking Tour of Malaga. Tickets are for free, but you still need to book your space in advance!


Malaga Bay Cruise

Sail the Mediterranean coast with this catamaran cruise around the bay. This Malaga Bay Cruise will let you enjoy spectacular views of the city


Malaga Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

The Malaga hop-on hop-off tourist bus stops throughout the city, allowing you to enjoy the main touristic spots that Malaga has to offer.


Malaga Night Tour

Enjoy Malaga’s nocturnal beauty with this night-time tour of the Old Town. Marvel at Malaga’s main points of interest under the starry sky.


Granada Day Trip

Enjoy the charm of the magnificent city of Granada, world-known due to its Alhambra palace and its views of the Sierra Nevada.


Tangier Day Trip

On this tour, we will sail across the Strait of Gibraltar to arrive in Africa and discover the fascinating mix of cultures in the Moroccan city of Tangier.