Top 10 evening team building activities in Malaga

When it comes to creating unrivalled evening team building activities in Malaga, no one does it better than us.

Best evening team building activities in Malaga

We have carefully selected the top 10 evening team building activities in Malaga, with ideal choices like Gin Tasting or a Team Quiz.

We can help you choose the best evening team-building activity in Malaga for your corporate group. All our evening team building in Malaga has been planned with the sole goal of bringing the team together, as well as creating an exceptional ambience that will benefit positively your business.

As an evening teambuilding events agency in Malaga, our selection of activities includes team building inputs that are ideal for all team sizes, both large and small. Make the most of your time together out of the office and enjoy your evening team building in Malaga. Here is our catalogue of the best evening team building activities Malaga.

Do you need a hand to start with planning your evening team-building option in Malaga? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how we can plan your best evening team event.

Around the world in 80 minutes

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - around the world in 80 minutes

Around the World in 80 minutes is a challenging task organised to contend against other teams, and where you will have to demonstrate your cultural knowledge about other countries.

Upon arrival, each team will be allocated to a table, with a designated country. Then, different games, challenges and tests will rate their knowledge, as they contend with the other teams to see who wins.

This is the best evening teambuilding experience in Malaga, for all team sizes, and can be run both outdoor and indoor.

Enigma Games

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - enigma games

Enigma Games is a competition against time to find out an important secret. Each team will be given a box, with different hints that need to be resolved one after the other – it is not possible to move on to the following if you have not solved the previous mystery! Once all defies have been resolved, you will be the owner of the secret!

In this evening team building Malaga experience, you will have to be the fastest to discover the enigma – the other groups are also aiming to be the first ones and win the prize.

Games galore

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - games galore

Games Galore offers an extensive range of activities for your evening team building Malaga event. They are a fantastic alternative to liven up any kind of corporate event. Some of the games that can be organised are Scalextric, Air hockey, Tabletop football, Darts or even Nintendo Switch.

This evening indoor team building experience in Malaga will create endless fun in a big kid’s kind of way. It can be organised as an independent experience or as part of a fun staff night out, conference or office Christmas party.

Millionaire by midnight

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - millionaire by midnight

Millionaire by Midnight is a risk-taking activity, where your team must be the filthy rich by the end of the evening! This evening team building choice in Malaga will make the group bet on different options, such as horse races, battle cars, Wii games and many more. All groups have the same cash to start with, but it is up to them to get as much as it is imaginable or to lose as little as possible. Who will win?

This is an ideal option for any corporate night, after a gala dinner or as an icebreaker, where workmates will get to know each other and work as one to succeed.

Stock exchange game

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - stock exchange game

Stock Exchange is one of our preferred evening team-building choices Malaga. This Stock Exchange activity is planned to make you undergo first-hand the excitement of trading on the stock market on an adrenaline-filled evening.

The group will be split into teams who will compete to finish the night with the maximum returns. Strategy plays a key part during this Malaga team building experience, that will challenge the group’s business and decision-making abilities, but where also cooperation and negotiation abilities play a big role as well.

Battle of the Bands

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - battle of the bands

In the Battle of the Bands evening team building activity in Malaga, the group will be divided into smaller groups, that will each represent famous music groups, like the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Abba or the Beatles. They will then contend against themselves, to discover who does the best show and can respond to all relevant questions about their own groups.

Alternatively, the teams can choose to create their own band from scratch and make their own hit! After rehearsal time, all music groups will go on stage and we will find out which one gets to the top 40!

Fun Casino nights

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - fun casino nights

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! This evening team building game in Malaga is the cream of the crop for any corporate or business event. This Fun Casino Night has all the items you will normally see in a casino – chips, casino money, croupiers and tables, and also many of the most known games, such as blackjack, roulette and poker.

The Casino Night can take place everywhere, including your hotel, a special venue or after your gala dinner. It is also feasible to add a fundraising option to all this fun, then donating the money for a significant cause for the company.

Gin tasting

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - gin tasting

Delight your guests with a dynamic Gin Tasting workshop as part of your evening team building in Malaga. This tasting choice is a fun and participative group choice, right for any corporate event or incentive trip.

The team will learn the fascinating world of gin, exploring different types of gins, their flavours, differences and similarities and ways to serve them. The tasting, which takes roughly two hours, will allow the group to relax in a cordial ambience where not only they will have fun, but also will learn a thing or two about what seems to be the most fashionable beverage of our times.

Race nights

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - race nights

With Race Night, the group will feel the enthusiasm and thrill of a day at the races without leaving their chosen venue or the hotel. In Race Night, guests will be given discs to place their bets on horse and greyhound races, that will be broadcasted on different televisions located in the room.

This amusing evening team building Malaga activity can be run individually or as a team contest and is appropriate for all types of different events, like an evening entertainment in a staff night out or a team building experience to motivate and bring together your team members.

Team Quiz

evening team building with DMC in Malaga - team quiz

Team Quiz is an amusing and interactive evening teambuilding option in Malaga, where all groups will have to prove their abilities, knowledge and general culture in a chosen field. It could either be Sports, TV, Music… but they can also be tested on their knowledge of the business to know which team has read the employee handbook!

This evening team building in Malaga is a perfect indoor experience that can take place as part of an entertainment night or after dinner within your incentive trip or corporate event in Malaga. Sensational for all group sizes – there is no limit.

Why evening team building activities in Malaga?

Our Malaga evening team building activities are a perfect stress relief after conferences, seminars, congresses and other business meetings in Malaga, but also for local businesses that are willing to boost bonds between colleagues. So, for an enjoyable evening team building in Malaga, look no further!

We can help you decide the best team building ideas for your corporate event in Malaga. If you are seeking an activity kind of night, Games Galore could be the best fit, but also Around the World in 80 minutes is full of contests for all participants.

If you prefer the thrill and excitement of betting, Fun Casino Nights is your perfect experience, where you can play blackjack, poker and roulette. Alternatively, Millionaire by Midnight is also a good activity, as well as the Stock Exchange Game, where you can show your best negotiation skills. And, in case you would rather something more relaxed, our Gin Tasting is a fantastic activity.

All our evening team building options Malaga have been created to bring the guests together, as an icebreaker, or to combine new teams. They are an excellent opportunity to boost productivity in the place of work and have a high Return on Investment.

These activities can be designed individually, but also as part of larger corporate events, such as an incentive trip to Malaga, a conference, or a meeting. They are just an example of the Malaga evening team building alternatives we can develop for you.

If you need more recommendations for your team building activities in Malaga, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist and plan for you the best evening team building in Malaga.

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