Top 10 food & drink team building activities in Malaga

When it comes to creating unbeatable food & drink team building activities in Malaga, no one does it better than us.

Best food & drink team building activities in Malaga

We have carefully chosen the top 10 food and drink team building activities in Malaga, from Tapas Masterclass to a Cocktail Making workshop.

We can help you pick the best food & drink team building Malaga events, thanks to our extensive knowledge of Malaga and its best suppliers. Our activities have been developed to give you and your group the best experience ever!

As a food & drink team building company in Malaga, we can adapt all our corporate events and team-building experiences for both small and large groups. These experiences will get the group involved, creating an ideal atmosphere outside the working environment that will have a positive impact in the place of work. This is our choice of the top 10 food and drinks team building activities in Malaga.

Do you need help to start designing your food and drinks teambuilding activity in Malaga? Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how we can design your ideal foodie team building event.

Bake off experience

food team building with DMC in Malaga - bake off experience

Bake Off is an unbeatable baking team building activity in Malaga, where all delegates will be requested to make the most awesome cupcakes, sweet treats and cakes and join in a contest that will select the best cake between all teams.

These foodie activities in Malaga are tailored to all team sizes and are an excellent chance to enrich the atmosphere at the office, deepen bonds between team members, but also, show your staff how much they mean to the firm. Get in touch with us for more information about this activity or any other food team building experiences in Malaga.

Chocolate making workshop

food team building with DMC in Malaga - chocolate making workshop

In this delicious food & drinks team building Malaga option, the staff will find out how to make chocolates. Thanks to the supervision of our Maître Chocolatier, which will detail how to create truffles, ganache and other chocolate delights, the crew will perfect the art of chocolate!

This food and drink team building option in Malaga can be organised as a workshop, where all delegates will get to enjoy chocolate making at their own pace, or as a contest, where groups will have to compete against each other to find out who has created the best chocolates.

Market experience

food team building with DMC in Malaga - market experience

With Market Experience, the delegates will get to discover the city of Malaga in a different approach, by visiting one of the city markets. This food team building experience in Malaga is a fantastic opportunity to discover a different part of the city, where you will see locals in daily tasks.

At the market, and with the help of the cook, you will buy all the ingredients you require to prepare a Spanish dish of your preference. This drink & food team building choice Malaga is best for smaller teams who want to make the most out of their trip.

Paella masterclass

food team building with DMC in Malaga - paella masterclass

The Paella Masterclass is a unique and memorable food & drink activity in Malaga, where delegates will discover how to cook the Spanish dish par excellence! An ideal activity that will enable you to discover Spain in a different way.

The staff will be divided into smaller teams, that will each cook a paella following the advice of the cook. All groups will have to contend to see which paella is the tastiest and more succulent.

Tapas masterclass

food team building with DMC in Malaga - tapas masterclass

Tapas Masterclass is an enjoyable and hands-on food team-building activity in Malaga, ideal to enjoy Spain through its most renowned dishes! After a small introduction about the history of tapas and about the dishes you are about to prepare, you will be divided into groups.

This activity promotes cooperation, conversation, creativity and organisation, and it is an unbeatable way to encourage your staff outside the office. Who will win the Tapas challenge and become a master of Spanish cuisine.

BBQ masterclass

food team building with DMC in Malaga - bbq masterclass

Our BBQ Masterclass has been specifically created to be a different cooking experience. This drink & food activity in Malaga is an ideal way to bring the group together, as a way to celebrate a relevant milestone or an achievement.

Our BBQ Masterclass can be custom-made to match everyone’s needs – from burgers to steaks, sausages or even fish! Let us know what your employees’ most-liked is, and we will have everyone on board, learning from our BBQ Master how to achieve the art of BBQ to perfection. Next, the team will enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ lunch, a well-prepared food team building Malaga.

Cocktail making workshop

drink team building with DMC in Malaga - cocktail making workshop

The Cocktail Making choice is a fantastic way to entertain your staff, while you make well-prepared cocktails with the specialist advice of our mixologists. Simply pick a selection of the organisation’s favourite drinks and we will prepare the rest!

This food & drink team building in Malaga is an ideal way to develop a relaxed vibe between work colleagues, that will help them get to know each other and to collaborate as they create their desired drink together.

Olive oil tasting

food team building with DMC in Malaga - olive oil tasting

If you are in Andalusia, you have to try our most known produce. With this Olive Oil tasting, you will discover all about the different types of olive oil, the olive varieties, how to make the best out of each olive oil and how to match and use each olive oil.

This interesting food & drink team building activity in Malaga is unbeatable and appropriate for all foodies and food lovers. This will give them an exceptional perspective about one of the secrets of Mediterranean and Spanish gastronomy.

Smoothie challenge

drink team building with DMC in Malaga - smoothie challenge

Smoothie Challenge is a mouthwatering food and drinks team building choice in Malaga that will get everyone engaged to invent the most delicious smoothie!

The different groups will have to create the perfect smoothie but, to achieve this, both cooperation and communication skills are required. They will have to pick, chop, peel, skin and blend their selected fruits, hoping their smoothie will be the best.

Wine tasting

drink team building with DMC in Malaga - wine tasting

This Wine Tasting is a fun and hands-on foodie team building Malaga experience, that can be as educational or as relaxed as you wish. It is an experience recommended for a whole evening but also works excellent before dinner.

This Malaga wine option can be shaped to taste international wines if you wish, but also can work equally good by tasting Spanish wines only. Alternatively, and instead of wine, we can arrange a Beer tasting in Malaga, if you are more interested in beer than wine.

Why food & drink team building activities in Malaga?

Our Malaga food & drink team building options are an unbeatable way to motivate, inspire and reward your staff and boost employee morale while, at the same time, the firm benefits from it. If you like cooking and would like your team to upgrade their communication aptitudes, the Paella Masterclass or the Tapas Masterclass are great activities. At the same time, they will find out a bit more about the Spanish culture and will enjoy a mouthwatering lunch.

If you want something singular, where adrenaline and competition play an important role, the Bake off contest and the Smoothie Challenge are your ideal allies.

All our culinary events in Malaga can be customised to fulfil your company goals, and its vision and values. Our food & drink team building Malaga is purposely created to guarantee a genuine Return on Investment. The events can be done outdoors, but also indoors, while the delegates enjoy the summery Andalusian sun. (Are you seeking further teambuilding events in Malaga besides our drink & food team building options?)

We have other exceptional ideas for culinary events in Malaga, such as the Chocolate Making Workshop, the Olive Oil tasting or even the Market experience, particularly planned for delegates to get a real feel of what Malaga is like, by enjoying a local market. If you like smart and extravagant activities, our Cocktail Making Experience is your top selection.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to design a personalised food & drink team building activity in Malaga for you and your crew, creating an outstanding and entertaining experience for everyone alike.

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